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Held at local universities throughout Michigan and Missouri, these eight-hour strategy sessions are designed to drill deeper into pivotal topics key to helping you improve your financial literacy and build a better financial future. These courses showcase the realities of retirement and provide core concepts you can lean on as you craft a plan as unique as you.

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Virtual or In-Person Class Available
University of Michigan – Dearborn
July 24 & July 31
6:00 pm EDT - 10:00 pm EDT
Virtual Only
Michigan State University (Virtual)
August 8 & August 15
6:00 pm EDT - 10:00 pm EDT
Virtual or In-Person Class Available
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
August 17
10:00 am EDT - 6:00 pm EDT
Virtual or In-Person Class Available
REF Learning Center (Livonia)
August 20 & August 27
6:00 pm EDT - 10:00 pm EDT
In Person Only
Michigan State University (Troy)
September 14
10:00 am EDT - 6:00 pm EDT
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Michigan Classes

Virtual or In-Person Class Available
University of Michigan – Dearborn
July 24 & July 31
6:00 pm EDT - 10:00 pm EDT

Missouri Classes

In Person Only
Columbia College
Tuesday, July 16 & 23
6:00 pm CDT - 10:00 pm CDT

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May 15, 2024
WJBK Ch. 2: Home Project Budgeting
May 15, 2024
WJBK Ch.2: Vacation Budgeting


Be prepared to commit the full day to the course. It is very informative. You need to attend it with your spouse. Both need to be committed. It made us think about how we invest and shouldn't purchase anything where we would not get our money out of it - like insurance. I am concerned for long term care and your plan for that was helpful.

J. Sims

Hang on. There's a ton of great information

Brian K.

Be ready to learn a lot.

Molly A.

The distribution phase is more complicated that I thought. The class is very thorough and fast paced.

David S.

The best course I have ever seen on investing for retirement income. Touches on a large number or critical topics such as how to invest and take income without running out of money, how to avoid unnecessary & excessive fees, planning for effective management of money for a variety of market conditions, avoiding excessive tax payments, earning a higher income than expected, and securely retiring earlier than expected. How do I sign up to take it again...once was not enough!

Chuck A.

Very informative, overwhelming thought due to too much information to process, but in a good way.


Time well spent.

D. Stamp

This is a lot of information and overwhelming at times, but comprehensive. This is the first time I've seen a plan that takes into account everything and puts in all together.

Patricia W.

Fantastic course! So much information presented in the 8 hours. It was well worth the time

Chris A.

this class has been the most beneficial information on retirement that we have ever heard. Thank you so much for offering this vital info. Thank you for your passion to help us protect the money we have spent a lifetime building.

Sara R.

We have learned so much! The class is fast pace and we will need to go back to our notes for reminders. We think this should be a degreed course in college and a must take class for corporate. Highly recommend it!

Monica & Alan W.

I found it very valuable - chock full of information. So much so that I would like to attend the course again, because there is too much information to absorb even the time alloted is already pretty significant

Scott W.

Best $29 I’ve ever spent. So much important information learned. I will definitely be looking for “my team” after hearing everything involved with retiring. In person (Josh) and video along with booklet made the class easy to follow along. Thank you. Very beneficial!!

Lynn H.

Great information. Better than I expected. It is a complicated process. This is not the information you get from retirement or financial advisors. Thanks! it was a great investment of time.

Tom S.


All client testimonials contained herein were given voluntarily and without compensation.

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