University of Michigan where income planning classes are offered.


In our Retirement Education courses, we spend over 7-hours with you drilling deeper into real retirement strategies for you to apply to your own situation that aren't a "one-size fits all" solution. Learn how you can live the retirement you've earned.

Kirk Cassidy hosting income planning classes in Rochester Hills, MI


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Oakland University where income planning classes are offered.


If you are 50 years or older and want to make sure your retirement income strategy is set up to help you thrive regardless whether we are in a good economy or bad, then don't miss one of our upcoming retirement education courses held at all the local universities: University of Michigan in Ann arbor, Michigan State University at Novi and Troy, Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Oakland University in Rochester.

The #1 Risk to Your Retirement Plan

Learn how detrimental Sequence of Return Risk can be for those who are in or nearing retirement. Without a plan to combat Sequence of Return Risk, retirees run the risk of being forced to adjust their lifestyles, or worse; outliving their money entirely. Click on the Sequence of Return Calculator to see how the order in which market returns occur can impact the outcome of your retirement.


Sequence of Return Risk Guide
Michigan State University where income planning classes are offered.


Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors will go through the myths and misconceptions about retirement. You will learn why the financial industry's "general" rules will more than likely fail you and they will teach you how to construct a custom retirement plan to better suit your needs.

A customer taking income planning classes in Rochester Hills, MI


Our webinar will show you ways to help keep more hard-earned dollars in your account, the mistakes that can leave your spouse with higher taxes and lower income after you're gone, and how to manage your tax bracket to reduce (or even eliminate ) certain taxes.

Tuition is $29

- Proceeds from courses go to charity -

Through our retirement education course you will learn the tools needed in order to have the best retirement possible and avoid many of the mistakes other retirees and pre-retirees make, such as not allowing short-term market events to impact your spending and investing decisions, as well as avoiding one of the biggest risks to a baby boomer's retirement, Sequence of Return Risk. Income is what will drive your performance in retirement, not the investment you choose.

These classes are appropriate for ages 50+ with a minimum of $250K of investable assets.

It's time for you to refocus and educate yourself...

This new phase of your life is vastly different than all those years spent working, saving, and serving money. You will now need to make the difficult transition to letting the resources you've accumulated serve you in retirement. The strategies needed to provide the best outcomes are different from those used while working and accumulating your wealth. You should now be focused on:

  • Preservation/distribution of resources, not growth at all costs
  • Income planning: strategically withdrawing from your accounts to minimize tax consequences and to eliminate sequence of return risks
  • Income sources you can never out live and depend on in down markets
  • Mapping your income out in a way that you can understand and follow throughout retirement

Having a financial strategy is essential for reaching your retirement goals, having knowledge is essential to making good decisions, and having a plan mapping out your retirement empowers you to spend confidently to live your best retirement possible.


In our course, we'll spend over 7 hours teaching:

  • tax

    Tax Planning

  • income

    Income Planning

  • investment

    Investment Planning

  • healthcare

    Healthcare Planning

  • estate

    Estate Planning

  • And so much more...

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A customer taking income planning classes in Rochester Hills, MI
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Kirk Cassidy

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