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Attendees who have found this Master’s-level course helpful include:

Tame your Finances

A financial planning education course designed to help you live the retirement life you deserve.
This course provides real answers to real questions about your financial and retirement concerns.


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Your Retirement Future Doesn’t Have to be a “M-I-Z”-tery


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Retirement Education Foundation is a Fiscally Sponsored Program of United Charitable, a registered 501(c)(3) public charity.

Baby Boomers with questions or concerns about income planning

Individuals and/or couples ages 50 to 75

Current and future retirees concerned about the future of U.S. tax rates and trends

Investors looking for a personalized approach not found at large brokerage houses or Wall Street

Those who have a timely decision to make between taking a lump sum vs. pension option

Section 1: Plan Well. Retire Well. Live Well

Understanding key aspects of retirement

Learning what Retiring Well looks like

Determining your goals

Prioritizing your time and activities

Staying open to new opportunities

Section 2: Income Planning

When to begin Social Security benefits

Which claiming options work best for you

Planning for inflation

Determining how long your money will last

How to manage your 401(k) money

Three strategies to generate retirement income from your nest egg

Section 3: Investment Planning

Emotions and the market

Understanding types of risks in retirement

How to better manage risk

How much cash should remain in the bank

How the FDIC protects your money

Mutual fund basics

ETFs: Should you own them?

Types of annuities and their purpose

Traditional and Roth IRAs and taxes

Life insurance dynamics

Section 4: Healthcare Planning

Overview of health insurance in retirement

Medicare essentials and cost

Insurance coverage comparisons

Options for paving long-term care costs

Long-term care insurance

Section 6: Estate Planning

Reasons to update your estate plan

Taxes and your estate plan

Will or trust: Which is better for you?

Probate process and cost

Legacy planning

Charitable giving strategies

How to transfer assets efficiently

Estate tax reduction techniques

Section 5: Tax Planning

Income tax insights

Tax treatment of investment strategies

Impact of tax law changes

Tax tables comparison

Building tax-efficient withdrawal strategies

Roth IRA conversions

Tax advantaged investments for retirees

When you think about your future, what is your greatest concern or priority? 

This class explains strategies to help you make sound decisions about your future. Some people want to leave a legacy for their children. Others want to make sure they preserve their lifestyle. And still others want to create an income stream for a favorite charity. Your goals are your goals. The class helps you plan, knowing you have the financial recourse to reach them.

What makes financial education different from financial information? 

This educational course discusses key issues for current and future retirees. In this class, we will discuss ways to identify facts necessary to make sound financial decisions that are focused on your best interest. You will learn about important financial topics such as tax reduction planning, investment risk management, healthcare planning, and estate planning. Above all you will learn how to apply the knowledge that will help you plan well, retire well and live well.

The best life lived is one with insight and knowledge. The focus throughout the Retirement Education Foundation course is knowledge. Our goal is to provide you with information so you can make solid decisions about your future.

We Give You Access to Three Key Tools:
Retirement knowledge
Reference material
Access to an industry professional

All It Costs You: A $29 Donation to Charity

The Retirement Education Foundation is a fiscally sponsored program of United Charitable, a registered 501(c)(3) public charity, dedicated to providing advanced retirement education for people in and nearing retirement. This is not a sales pitch. We're here to educate you.

We don't profit from our courses. All proceeds are donated to various charities here in Michigan and around the country. Why? Because we profit knowing that more people are entering retirement with the knowledge to live the retirement they've earned and are educated to make the right decisions when uncertainty comes knocking at their door.

The Retirement Education Foundation is a national charitible program