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Who we are :

The Retirement Education Foundation is a non-profit charitable program. Our mission is to promote financial literacy within our community. For close to 10 years our primary focus has been on helping educate those near or in retirement on the essential aspects of retirement.

We provide the knowledge and the tools to help those within 10 years of retirement or in retirement understand the importance of a retirement plan. This is all done through our Retirement Education course. Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors teach them how to preserve their wealth, create a legacy for their heirs and avoid costly mistakes.

Retirement Education Foundation, a Fiscally Sponsored Program of United Charitable, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization EIN #20-4286082. All proceeds from the course are donated to numerous important causes. Here are just a few of the recipients throughout the years:

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The Future of Retirement Education Foundation:

A startling number of adults lack basic financial knowledge, that is because it is not a part of the standard curriculum in our school systems. We believe financial literacy should be taught at a young age, that is why we will be launching our high school youth program. The goal is to educate students on the necessary skill set in order for them to be prepared in making informed and effective financial decisions in the future.

We’re excited for this program to start and we look forward to developing many more like it in hopes of improving our community.


Listen to the Retirement Education Hour with Kirk Cassidy and Dr. Paul Metler on

WWJ 950 every Sunday night at 8pm

WJR 760 every Saturday morning at 6am

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Kirk Cassidy

Kirk Cassidy

Paul Metler

Paul Metler

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Michael Masserant

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Marc Wander